Page Of Cups

Sweet talker.  

In a positive placement, the page of cups is all about words of love, friendship and peace, with an air of innocence about it.  This page wants nothing more than for his love to be heard, and that the warm feelings are then expressed back to him in return. 

At times it can be a person who finally speaks up after being in love from afar. Other times it's a person from the past who never was bold enough to speak words of love before, and takes you by surprise.  

Use care.  

Other times, the page of cups can turn the sweetness off, and become demanding and sour.  He can act out in front of others and insist that any meanness from him is not his own fault - but yours. 

There's more. 

All the cups can bring an air of fantasy with them.  On the good side of that coin this relates to beautiful dreams and wishes.  On the reverse side of that coin it points to deception and manipulation. 

Simply listen.  

If you see this card in a reading it's likely that someone has his/he…

The World

The World - Tarot Card XXI Meaning
One of my favorite Tarot cards!
The World is the last card of the Major Arcana and from being in that place it it usually associated with endings, conclusions and it carries a happy-ever-after kind of energy.

One of the (many) interesting things about The World is that it can also be taken literally. It's possible that travel, international associations of all kinds, worldwide communication and being around and involved with people from far-off places will be important to you now.

Additionally, The World can mean land and how we live, where we live and ownership of property. When you see this card it's possible that if you have a desire to own a new home you're on the right track toward doing just that.

Astrological Correspondence
Again, I must warn anyone who believes in following what is considered to be The Norm, which in Tarot there should be no such thing, that I myself follow my gut instincts, no doubt as a good Aries woman, and go with w…

Queen Of Swords

Queen Of Swords Meaning

Traditionally, The Queen Of Swords is a cool, intellectual kind of lady, who rules her people with a just and logical hand. She’s kind when the situation calls for kindness and doles out punishment – mainly in the way of cutting people off or cutting them down verbally – when she sees the need for it as well.

The Queen Of Swords is sometimes called The Widow; as she tends to be a loner and definitely stands alone in her own counsel. In other words, she leans on no one for support of any kind.

Queens In Tarot

The highest female Court Card, Queens in Tarot are powerful cards that bring us the spirit of the matriarch with the accent on the characteristics of her suit.

For a woman seeing a Queen in Tarot it can point directly at her – or at another woman who is close to her in some important way.

For a man seeing a Queen in Tarot it can point to a significant woman in his life, and could also mean that this is the type of woman he finds most attractive.

I personally alway…

Mercury In Pisces 2020 BIG CYCLE

Wow.  This means a lot to us all.  

On January 16, 2020 Mercury, the Great Communicator, moved into the deeply emotional sign of Pisces.  This automatically brought about old issues, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it therefore carries with it literally every memory we have - good or not.

If you experience emotional drama in your life in the way of very passionate, tearful, heartbreaking arguments, that is quite typical of the Pisces energy when it's in Mercury.  You need to vent.  To get the old stuff out and said.  Mercury will demand that.

And then....

Mercury turns retrograde on February 17th, while still in Pisces, so expect to re-hash some of the same old issues that you recently had those big, soul-shaking discussions about.  This will be helpful, actually, as Pisces is completely gentle and kind.  Even with the in-your-face-truth that Mercury insists on, sweet Pisces manages to get some good out of the screaming matches.  Even the ones you find yourself in th…

Venus In Aries 2020

Are you up for this?  

Venus, the Goddess of love, wealth and beauty, will move into the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries, on February 7th and remain there until March 4th.  This automatically brings us to a Venus-Mars conjunction of a kind as Mars is the ruler of Aries.  In essence, both the divine feminine and the divine masculine will be embracing in the sky.  Quite an event!

Placement in your natal chart.  

Anyone who has their natal Venus in Aries will be the most affected, however anyone with Aries Sun, Moon or Rising, will feel it quite strongly.  But that's not to say that everyone won't be feeling this strong force, because we all surely will.

What to look for.  

First, expect the unexpected.  Venus is in her opposite element here, which puts her outside her comfort zone.  With Aries being the natural ruler of the zodiac, we will want (probably demand!) that we are seen and heard as often as we like by our significant other or those we are dating.

Not to say that it's all…

Air Signs Strengths And Challenges

Aquarius.  Gemini.  Libra.  

If you have any of these signs as your Sun, Moon or Ascendent, you have a good amount of air qualities to your mind, body and soul.  It's also possible that you have air signs in 3 or more places in your natal chart that do not include Sun, Moon or Ascendent, and you will still have as many or more air sign tendencies.

What are the Air Sign strengths?  

A strong intellect.
Super communication skills.
Staying cool under pressure.
A fun-loving, friendly personality.
Youthfulness for life.
A love of travel.
Physical agility and grace.

These are all great aspects of being an Air Sign, and give you the edge when it comes to expressing yourself in both business and personal settings.

As an Air Sign, you could be the first person your friends and family think of when making up a list of who-to-invite to any gathering.  You love being with people and it shows.

You were also born to be at the top of you class in school.  It's not surprising to any as…

Custom Tarot Spreads

Why I don't use the traditional spreads.  

Mainly, I like to use my own sense of the cards as my guide to how the reading should proceed.  That can mean adding more cards or choosing to declare the reading complete as I see it should be.

When you have used the tarot for 30 years, as I have, you can sometimes move away from the tried and true spreads as you find that your own method produces better results.

There is one exception.  

I do often use the past-present-future (PPF) spread as either a starting or ending point to my readings. This is oftentimes true in my client readings, as that can wrap up the answer to the question in very clear ways.

Tarot answers. 

It is very difficult to pinpoint a definite "yes" or "no" with the tarot, however I do usually accomplish this by specifically asking just that of my cards and my determination of that answer is based on what cards I pull.

Have a special day, everyone.